A visitor from M&T Peças e Serviços 2017 is highly qualified and an opinion-maker 
Professionals who specify and decide the purchase, maintenance and management of construction and mining equipment.
  • Directors and managers
  • Businessmen (partners or owners of companies related to the sector)
  • Engineers with the power to decide and/or specify the purchasing of the companies
  • Medium management, such as chiefs, supervisors and others
  • Professionals, who work in class entities 
  • Education institutions
  • CEOs, directors, managers, engineers, who occupy decision making positions;
  • Executives from construction companies, professionals who work in project and consulting, industrial assembly firms or who provide special engineering services;
  • Professionals who work in oil, pulp and paper, mining, steelmaking, petrochemical and agribusiness companies;
  • Managers of private and public concessionaires (roads, railroads, ports, airports, power, sanitation);
  • Representative of governmental bodies from the federal, state and municipal areas;
  • Engineers and professionals from the IT areas 
  • Professionals, who work at class entities (trade unions, associations, federations, etc.);
  • Professionals from the financial sector of the public and the private sectors and insurance companies.


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