M&T Parts and Services 2017 to spotlight technologies in management and post-sales solutions for construction and mining equipment

The trade show will be held at the ideal time for doing business

Advances in technology for construction and mining equipment provide extremely positive impacts on productivity and in the competitiveness of the market. These impacts are further materialized through initiatives in the areas of after-sales service and fleet management. In recent years, manufacturers have developed new solutions for managing and monitoring equipment fleets and, along with equipment dealers, have come to offer distinctive strategies in providing service, parts and components in order to, in both cases, fully meet the needs of users - i.e. contractors, equipment rental and mining companies - ensuring the safety of equipment operation and the proper functioning of machines, along with conservation of the environment.

To showcase the technological evolution in the sectors of construction and mining, the new 2017 edition of M&T Parts and Services – Trade Show and Congress for Technology and Management of Construction and Mining Equipment will take place from June 7th thru 9th at the São Paulo Expo Exhibition & Convention Center in São Paulo-Brazil during the “Integrated Technologies for Construction, Environment and Equipment Week”.  

The only trade show devoted exclusively to the areas of management, post-sales solutions, inputs and components for construction and mining equipment, M&T Parts and Services will be held at the ideal time for doing business since, with prospects for economic revival of the country and renewed investments, equipment will have to be prepared and at the ready to meet the new demands for construction works. Thus, maintenance (parts and services) and, later, the management of these assets will be crucial. 

In the segment of equipment management, the trade show encompasses technological solutions for “online” and “off-line” monitoring of equipment fleets, operation simulators, management software, security systems, on-board electronics, telemetry, navigation and leveling systems, among others. 

In turn, in the segment of parts and components, the show includes hydraulic and pneumatic systems; electrical systems: alternating and direct current (AC/DC); power trains, tires and undercarriages; lubricants, filters, additives, oil analysis labs, lubricant storage systems; ground drilling/boring tools; professional safety equipment (PPE); products and tools for surface preparation and painting; products, devices, equipment and supplies for welding; products and processes for packing and protection of parts, components and equipment; manual, power and pneumatic tools; light equipment; testing and diagnostic tools; equipment and tools for maintenance shops; steel cables, devices for lashing/restraining and hoisting of loads.

Lastly, in the segment of services, M&T Parts and Services brings products and systems for environmental control; rendering of maintenance services; training, qualification and certification of manpower; insurers; transporters; and import and export companies.

Besides being the ideal environment for learning about the technological development of the sector, and the ultimate meeting place for doing business, the trade show will also feature the M&T Parts and Services Congress, with the participation of specialists, and provide an opportunity to disseminate knowledge and promote discussion of subjects of relevance to  the entire business chain associated with  management of and parts for equipment, supplies and services catering to construction and mining companies.

In addition to M&T Parts and Services 2017, the “Integrated Technologies for Construction, Environment and Equipment Week”, an unprecedented initiative promoted by Sobratema - Brazilian Association of Technology for Construction and Mining, for dissemination of technologies and knowledge in the areas of environment, construction, industry, mining and infrastructure,  will also feature BW Expo 2017 – Trade Show of Services and Technologies for the Sustainable Management of Water, Waste, Air and Energy, Construction Expo 2017 – International Trade Show of Building & Infrastructure Construction, and Summit 2017 – the largest event for content in the Brazilian market.


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